Law Firm Dissolution

Colorado Law Firm Dissolution & Departing Law Partners

David Seserman of Seserman Law LLC is one of the few lawyers with experience in the dissolution or liquidation of Colorado law firms. David is known as a go-to in this area as he has personally overseen the dissolution of the two largest Denver based law firms that liquidated. David was featured in Law Week Colorado discussing law firm dissolution, please click here to read the article.

Denver Law Firm Break-Ups

Law firm failures and internal disputes may result in a major split into two or more firms or the complete dissolution of the firm, with former partners individually seeking new positions. Break-ups are often unpleasant and often compared to marital divorces. If that is the case, with the help of outside counsel, the “divorce” can be amicable rather than a battleground. The split can find its way not only into the legal media but the general press as well, and can have a negative impact on the surviving firms or attorneys as they attempt to rebuild their client bases. Seserman Law LLC has the skills to help all parties navigate these difficult waters.

David Seserman can help answer the many questions a Denver area law firm dissolution presents:

  • Who “owns” the old firm’s current clients?
  • What kind of notice should clients be given of the changes?
  • In the case of a split, how is it determined who keeps these clients and the revenue?
  • Who keeps the client files and how can they be disposed of?
  • Who keeps valuable databases?
  • How are accounts receivable collected?
  • Despite the focus on partners, how are others such as associates and staff treated?

Law Firm Growth and Partnership Agreement Consultations

David Seserman is a key partner for law firms in transition. He can help guide his clients through law firm mergers and issues related to partnership. As David Seserman has extensive experience in negotiating law firm internal agreements, he can structure transitional agreements and other documents that are both fair and ethical.

Contact David Seserman directly at (303) 900-2406 or email for a consultation regarding Colorado law firm transition or dissolution.