Colorado Civil Trial Lawyer David Seserman Shares Tips and Tricks with ABA’s GPSolo Podcast: “Big Firm Discovery on a Small Firm Budget.”

April 10, 2019

The American Bar Association invited David Seserman, the principal of Seserman Law LLC, to share his insights into best practices for e-discovery during a recent GPSolo Podcast session. The goal of the podcast was to invite experienced litigators from firms specializing in electronic discovery tactics, and give advice to other lawyers on how to maximize these efforts regardless of budget or firm size.

David Seserman was invited specifically as the Colorado “go to for legal practitioners in the law firm dissolution area,” according to Melanie Bragg, the Chair and author of the GPSolo Division. Bragg explained that his inclusion on the panel stemmed from his numerous lectures on and experiences with trade secrets of electronic evidence, litigation strategy, and employment law as well as electronic communications and privacy. In addition, David serves as the Vice Chair of the Litigation in the Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committees for the GPSolo division of the ABA and is a member of the Sedona Conference on eDiscovery Best Practices.

The engaging discussion was led by John Austin, the founder of Austin Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina and also featured Patricia McCabe, who leads a disability law firm out of Van Nuys in Los Angeles, California.

Some of the items discussed were:

  • What elements of e-discovery to have in place before a Rule 26 Conference
  • Language for requesting documents that are specific to time, place, and server
  • Burden of e-discovery and cost-shifting
  • Off-site business e-discovery (personal servers, devices, etc)
  • How to get the most information from the smallest budget

To read the entire transcript of the podcast visit the ABA archive here.

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