David Seserman Presents Employment Law Insights at the 2019 CBA-CLE Employment Law Conference

This year’s CBA-CLE Employment Law Conference on October 3-4 featured a number of excellent presentations from across Colorado. David Seserman was honored to be one of the breakout session presenters, alongside Margaret Funk, the Chief Deputy Regulation Counsel of the Colorado Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. Their presentation, entitled “Technological Competency in Employment Law Disputes,” aimed to arm participants with information that will help them be successful in the areas of:

  • CRCP and FRCP Rule 26(f) meetings
  • ESI Discovery
  • Litigation Holds
  • Cloud Storage
  • R.P.C 1.1, 1.6, and 5.3

As a reputable practitioner  in Colorado in the areas of employment law, civil law, as well as electronic discovery and information security, this was an excellent opportunity for David to share some of the key insights he has gained over his decades of managing the changing technological landscape of legal information.

David is an active member of the CBA, and this is his second CBA-CLE conference appearance in 2019 as a leader in the field of legal electronic information management best practices.

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