David Seserman Shares Employee Relationship Insights on Business Leaders Podcast

Colorado trial lawyer David Seserman was invited to share his expertise with Bob Roark and Meranda Vieyra on the Business Leaders Podcast. His episode entitled, “Transparency and Employee Relationships,” was an informative look at how businesses can better relate with their employees and build processes to support transparency at all levels of an organization.

One of the main ideas that David spoke about was the need for appropriate communication for both team-building and legal reasons. As a successful civil trial attorney who has dealt with a number of cases, on the plaintiff and defense side, stemming from improper documentation and communication, he explains how crucial it is to create paper trails, backup digital communications, and create written policies with signature verification to protect a business in the case of a lawsuit.

In addition, David shares ideas for creating equal opportunity workplaces that are safe from harassment. David suggests fostering mentorship and leadership opportunities for minorities and women, as well as giving specific, actionable advice for how to create HR policies that prevent harassment and protect a company in the case of a complaint.

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Click to hear the full podcast episode.

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